Climate Statement
Upd. 2/26/23

We donate half of our profits to climate charities.

But what does that mean?

And how does it work?

This is a new initiative for A.V. Knights. As we'll delve into below, it arose out of a certain perceived urgency, not out of preparedness (or confidence). Thusly, some of the details still need ironing out, and this page will be updated continually to reflect more clearly the A.V. Knights climate mission.

Large corporations lead a group of bad actors who have been driving climate change on Earth knowingly for decades. We are facing a confluence of climate crises in the near future, including a crisis of biodiversity as more and more biomes and species are choked by the damage humans are doing to the planet. While that damage is not the responsibility of any individual to address and repair, we nevertheless are forced to do everything we can from the bottom up as we are failed at the top by our leaders and overlords. A good life isn't possible without art, and art isn't possible without a livable planet; these two concepts go hand in hand. That's why A.V. Knights is moving to spread visibility of climate action and impart what little positive impact we can with our very limited platform.

Starting in 2023, our donation will be calculated on the 31st of December. We'll tally our profits, so we'll subtract the standard cut of our software that takes for their impeccable services. After crunching our 50% number, we'll donate to charities that push for climate policy change. Because A.V. Knights is based in the U.S., we're most focused on U.S. policy change.

Thank you for joining us in taking the urgent action necessary to save the future of humans and every other species that we share our planet with.