Instruction Booklet

Table of Contents

Welcome to G. Pet!

Thank you for checking out G. Pet!

The best way to download G. Pet and keep it up to date is using the app. Click here to learn more.

Starting the Game

When G. Pet opens, you will see the Title Screen. Here you can check the version number of your copy of G. Pet, and an alert will appear if your version is out of sync with the latest available version.

In the center of the screen, you can click a button to either Continue with your saved data, or Start a New Game and view a scene with Dr. G.

There is also a Gear icon button to open the Config submenu, where you can change screen resolution, mute sound effects, or erase save data.

Main Menu

The rows of buttons at the top and bottom of the main screen comprise the Main Menu.


The Status button opens the Status submenu. Here you can view your G. Pet's name, Life Stage, and Stats. An Illness indicator will appear here when your G. Pet is ill. Click on your G. Pet's name to change it.


The Cards button begins a simple card game that you can play with your G. Pet. Choose one of the two facedown cards to play, or view the full game rules in another submenu.


Click this button to toggle between Touching mode and Pushing mode. When you click on your G. Pet, you will either touch or push your pet, depending on this setting in the Main Menu.


The Food button opens a submenu with three different dishes you can choose to feed your G. Pet. When your G. Pet eats, its Stomach stat will refill.


Click the Flush button to remove your G. Pet's Poop. Leaving Poop laying around will be detrimental to your G. Pet's health.


Click the Mating button to begin the Mating process.


Click the Music button to take out or put away the Boombox.


Click the Graves button to visit the Graveyard of G. Pets. There is no limit to the number of G. Pets that you can raise. When G. Pets die, they are memorialized in the Graveyard.

Life Cycle

There are five Life Stages that G. Pets pass through.

  1. Egg
  2. Baby
  3. Child
  4. Teen
  5. Adult

It takes time for a G. Pet to Grow! Take good care of your G. Pet, and as the days pass, it will mature into adulthood. When your G. Pet Grows, it may change shape, growing longer limbs.


Once per hour, your G. Pet will Digest.